Psychological Problem solved with the help of Generic Viagra

Sildenafal CitrateI guess Iím probably not the typical user of Sildenafil (Viagra). Iím quite young, I donít have any underlying physical problems, and Iím as healthy as a horse. I donít smoke, I do nott drink much, and I take care of myself. I eat right and I go to the gym three times a week.

I have no problem getting an erection when Iím by myself. My problem is, or better was psychological, but it nevertheless was keeping me from a sexual relationship, confusing and eventually losing me partners, and causing me incredible anxiety.

I lost my virginity at 15, and for a couple of years after that I enjoyed a great and healthy sex life. I had a super girlfriend and we both enjoyed with each other very very much. The problem started after we separated and I was on my own in the dating world. I had a couple of one night stands and everything seemed normal until one night. I was with someone that I really liked, and weíd been out for two or three times already. I suspected that this would be the night and was looking forward to bring her to my apartment. Anyways, we did go back and as one thing led to another‚ĶI suddenly realized that I didnít get an erection. I tried to not think about it, but the more I tried to not think about the more I thought about it! Eventually, I told her I was very tired and that maybe sheíd better go. She was really nice about the whole thing, but I could barely look into her eyes. I never saw her again.

Maybe if I had tried again with her, everything would have been alright. They say that when you fall off the horse you should get right back on it, right (sorry Michelle for the horse analogy!); as I didnít though, my problems began from that point forward.

The next time I was in a similar situation with a woman, I couldnít get the thought of failure out of my head. As we were making out on the couch, every fiber of my being was willing an erection to rise; but of course the more I agonized about it, the less chance I had, and eventually, knowing that it wasnít going to work out, I eventually mumbled some excuse about having to go, and left the bewildered woman on the couch as I fled from her home.

That was two humiliations in a row, and I wasnít going to let there be anymore. I anticipated a miserable sexless future with dread, but couldnít think of a way past my problem. I rarely dated, and if I did always ended things before I ever got another chance to demonstrate my inadequacy.

My friends were confused. Iíve never had a problem getting women, and I really love women, and here I was on my own week after week after month. They asked me why, but there was no way I was going to reveal the sad truth of my existence.

I guess it was more than a year that things went on like this. The anxiety I felt pervaded my life. I would watch other happy couples enviously, knowing that I couldn't have what they so effortlessly displayed.

And then a thunderbolt! I was sitting alone on my sofa one Saturday night watching TV, when a commercial for SILDENAFIL came on. I obviously wasnít the target group, but my problem was the same, so couldnít it work for me? I jumped onto the computer, and after an hourís research came to the conclusion that this drug might help me.

Sunday took forever, and I begged off work Monday morning to be first in line at the local clinic down the street. I nervously explained my predicament to the sympathetic doctor, and after he gave me a brief examination he sent me off with words of encouragement and a prescription for Sildenafil.

Now to test out the theory, I went that night to the local meat market, and shook my money maker in a desperate attempt to seduce. Amazingly, someone fell for my desperate advances and we ended up arranging to meet back at my place. I fished the pill from my pocket and swallowed it down. It took a while to get home, and after a quick drink and tour of the apartment, we got down to business.

Before I knew it, I had an erection. An erection worthy of my year plus of waiting! I felt relaxed and great and things proceeded as they were supposed to.

I was back on the market again, and making up for lost time! I took the pills a few times again, until once, when I had intended to take the pill; I realized that I had forgotten after we had already made love. The Sildenafil was the confidence booster that I needed to overcome my Psychological Problem.

I wish that I had thought of it before. I think there might be other guys that are feeling the same thing as I was. I just wanted to let them know that there is a medication that can help you.

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